In a full-service project, we copy edit your book, design the cover and interior pages, create the pages with desktop publishing software, and set you up with a print-on-demand and/or ebook. 


Order what you need from a menu of services that includes writing, copyediting, book design, page makeup, and marketing. 


 Do your own work with our advice, encouragement, and support. Full-service and A la Carte customers receive regular coaching as a natural part of their package. 


Note: In all cases, we provide a free introductory consultation in which we try to map out your project. We much prefer to talk to you before you start writing your book, manual, or catalog, so that we can help you shape your project into the most effective and economical format for what you are trying to accomplish. This preliminary consultation can save you significant time and money. Call 719-630-0783 for your free 30-minute consulation.