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You have a story to tell. Everyone does, but maybe you’ve wanted to write yours down and can’t get anywhere. Or maybe you’ve been told, “You should write a book.”   Now is your chance.  You’ll work with a publishing professional to invent a publishable memoir and understand the mechanics of publishing. It’s easier than you think. Then there is the writing part.  You’ll start on that too, working with a writing coach to find your story—and your voice. You’ll also get a chance to trade ideas with other published authors.

Instructors: Kenneth Guentert of The Publishing Pro, LLC, and Molly Wingate of Wingate Consulting
Next Workshop : TBD

Registration: $100. For info or to register, call 719-520-1899


This six-week course will help you get started on writing and ultimately publishing your own memoir. The sessions will cover publishing options (from copy/printing a do-it-yourself book to on-demand printing of a professional trade paperback); planning the project and visualizing exactly what it will look like before you write it; writing at least one sample chapter; and learning how to manage the editorial and production process so that it works for you. Bring a writing utensil and paper. 

Presenter: Kenneth Guentert, president of The Publishing Pro, LLC.

Next workshop: TBD

Registration:  For info, call Ken at 719-630-0783.