WRITING AND PUBLISHING YOUR OWN MEMOIR ... in 15 easy steps Kenneth Guentert


Have you written a memoir—or thought about writing one? Have you tried to get published—or wondered how hard it would be? This step-by-step book takes the mystery out of the process and inserts the magic.

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CREATING EVOLUTION Black Holes in a Personal Universe Janet Allen

Born of the synchronicity the author experienced in meditation, these two books link the personal with the cosmic.

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 In the great tradition of Aesop, Odysseys from Homer is a collection of three fanciful animal stories that reveal our virtues and our faults as humans. 

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FETTIGREW HALL The Biography of a House Anne Flint

 A modern mystery set in a 16th-century English mansion with stories to tell.

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MAMA MIA! Now That's Italian!

 Mama Mia! is a tribute to growing up Italian and the food that impacted  Chef Franco's life. It's filled with family stories and the recipes that  he learned at home and now uses in his restaurant. 

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PATHWAY TO FREEDOM Applying the Teachings of the Buddha

 Pathway to Freedom includes teachings on the Four Noble Truths, the  Eightfold Path, the Four Divine Abidings of Loving-Kindness, Compassion,  Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity, as well as reflections on Awareness vs.  Insight, Dissolving Duality, and an original Map of Practice outlining  the highs and low, pitfalls, challenges and insights you are likely to  encounter in a long term spiritual practice. 

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