BRINGING BACK EDEN: Meditations of a Fly Fisher by Anthony Surage


 Sometimes a fellow just doesn't fit in, at least in the usual places.  Sometimes he finds a sense of belonging elsewhere--on the edges of a  pond, in a championship wrestling match, in a meandering stream.  Sometimes it takes a thousand repetitions before "Something" connects.  And then it does. 

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 Barbara Allan’s introduction to the prison system came after her husband  murdered his own father. Before that, she had faced her husband’s  alcoholism, his violent episodes, and multiple attempts to protect  herself and her two daughters. But it was her confrontation with the  criminal-justice system that has stuck with her—for almost fifty years.

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MENTAL HELL: How my mother's schizophrenia became my gift by Nancy Thomason


Nancy Thomason lived with a mother who was paranoid schizophrenic, a  diagnosis known only after she was institutionalized. Until then, no one  talked about it. Not the police who visited often. Not Nancy's friends  who were busy being teenagers. Not her school teachers and counselors,  who wondered what was going on. Not the social workers who found a place  for her and her brother to live. No one had a word for what her mother  left behind. Except hell. 

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BECOMING BLACK AND WHITE: The life and times of a biracial woman by Tatjana Koed


 She lived in four worlds that in some ways never touched each other,  except through her story. She had a German mother, a fragile survivor of  World War II. She had an African-American father, with roots deep in  the sharecropping South. She grew up on a U.S. Army base in post-war Germany, in many ways the safest of her worlds. She moved onto an army  base in Missouri, a real world that posed the most danger. 

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True Fiction

NYPD: THE WAY THINGS WERE by Stephen A. Murray


 Frankie Neptune left driving a New York City taxi and a career in  academia to become a NYC police officer. It was a tough time—back in the  seventies and into the early nineties—to be a cop. Crime was soaring,  and the city was wild.  

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KULAK: Love and Death, a German-Russian Tragedy--Ukraine, 1938 by Cleon Ochsner


 Jakob Grigorievich Oksner and his wife, Emiliya Grigorievna, are  historic characters who inspired this novel about the persecution of  German-Russians, who were often summarily arrested, forced to work in  slave labor camps, and executed during Stalin purges of the late 1930s.  It is a story of love, faith, and tragedy. 

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INTREPID FAITH: Joseph Holbrook's Trek to Zion by Collette Holbrook Sheets


 "Intrepid Faith" tells the true story of early Mormon pioneer Joseph  Holbrook who journeys across the treacherous plains and mountains to  settle in the Salt Lake Valley as a member of the Brigham Young Wagon  Train Company of 1848. The story begins when Joseph is taken away from  his mother and siblings to live with his grandparents. Growing up on  their large family farm in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, allows him to  develop into a serious and hard-working young man who feels a yearning  for something greater. His prayer is answered when his cousin, Mary Ann  Angell, the future Mrs. Brigham Young, loans him her copy of The Book of  Mormon. The journey ahead for Joseph and his family proves to be  possible only for those with the deepest of faith. 

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THE GIRL IN THE HAT: A Fool's Tale by Eli Stoneman


 When he walked into the club, the first thing he saw was the hat. She  was on the smaller of two stages, lovely, leggy, and blonde. He ordered a  water and took a seat. He was a fifty-something guy, a little  depressed, despite the trappings of success. He had a business, a house,  a wife, but he hadn't felt alive in a while. Now he did. It was a  fool's tale. 

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Other Books

WRITING AND PUBLISHING YOUR OWN MEMOIR ... in 15 easy steps by Kenneth Guentert



Have you written a memoir—or thought about writing one? Have you tried to get published—or wondered how hard it would be? This step-by-step book takes the mystery out of the process and inserts the magic.

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CREATING EVOLUTION Black Holes in a Personal Universe by Janet Allen


Born of the synchronicity the author experienced in meditation, these two books link the personal with the cosmic.

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ODYSSEYS FROM HOMER by Jonathan Faulkner


 In the great tradition of Aesop, Odysseys from Homer is a collection of three fanciful animal stories that reveal our virtues and our faults as humans. 

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FETTIGREW HALL The Biography of a House by Anne Flint


 A modern mystery set in a 16th-century English mansion with stories to tell.

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MAMA MIA! Now That's Italian! by Franco Pisani


 Mama Mia! is a tribute to growing up Italian and the food that impacted  Chef Franco's life. It's filled with family stories and the recipes that  he learned at home and now uses in his restaurant. 

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PATHWAY TO FREEDOM Applying the Teachings of the Buddha by Lucinda T. Green, PhD


 Pathway to Freedom includes teachings on the Four Noble Truths, the  Eightfold Path, the Four Divine Abidings of Loving-Kindness, Compassion,  Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity, as well as reflections on Awareness vs.  Insight, Dissolving Duality, and an original Map of Practice outlining  the highs and low, pitfalls, challenges and insights you are likely to  encounter in a long term spiritual practice. 

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